Conveyancing, Transfers, and Residential Matters.


Through our expert property division; Velocity Conveyancing, we offer expert property advice and services. As Canberra's largest conveyancer, we are the best fit to deal with your property needs.



Contracts, Mergers and Aquisitions, Property Disputes

Whether you are a tenant, landlord, purchasing or selling commercial property, our expert team will be able to guide you through each aspect of the transaction, including conducting due diligence on purchases and leases. We work with you to achieve the outcomes that you desire, negotiating to protect your best interests and ensuring that we translate complex legal issues into everyday business decisions for you to make.


For a fixed fee, our notaries is able to witness and execute documents, administer oaths, prepare and certify powers of attorney, deeds and contracts for use in Australia and overseas, and undertake similar administrative functions in respect of documents for use in Australia and for international documents. 


Certifying and Noterising Documents



Our expert team is able to assist you with updating or preparing your will or trust.  Whether elaborate or straightforward, our team will provide support and care throughout the whole process.

Estate Management, Mortgages, Wills and Testaments



Our specialist team has worked for more than 50 years within matters relating to Italy. Our team has a track record of approved Italian citizenship matters. We are also proudly an official honorary counsel for the Italian Embassy in Australia. 

Expert advice on Italian Legal Matters, including Wills, Probate, Transfers and Citizenship Claims.

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